Society wants me to be beauitful

My family wants me to be beautiful

My friends want me to be beauitful

I am not beautiful, because:

they base their judgements on me

try to sculpt me, to see

that i am beautiful in their eyes

but all i see is a project, surprise.

You're this way, you're that,

You're beautiful skinny, or fat!

If you're gay you like men,

if Lesbian Women

there is no in between because that is absurd

as if going against the norm and liking both is something unheard!

but here is the thing

im sick of all this paint

they have been treating me like their canvas

painting over the blemishes they deem insignificant

well you know what, i find that indignant!

let me wash myself in white,

and begin from anew;

Your rules and regulations are too tight

i need to break through!

now that im white,

i have the power

to decide to what draw:

a tank or a flower?

because I want to be free from societal opression

and family beliefs that cause deep depression

my canvas is art

my vision is perfect

and now that i have the freedom to draw it

the sacrifice was worth it!





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