Can't You See?

We are here 180 days of the year.

4,320 hours.

259,200 mintues.

15,552,000 seconds.

Not including the extra time spent afterschool, in the early morning, or weekends.

Yeah, you see us all a lot.

But you dont' even know us.

Sure, a select few do, but most of you teachers?

We are nothing but a number in your class with a list of grades, just another example of how good you are at your job.

Because thats all that matters right?  That our grades reflect back on you in a positive light.

You don't even know who we are, you don't know who I am.

I am the girl who sits in the second row in each class doodling in the margins while taking notes.  I am the girl lost in her own, sometimes terrifying, world.  I am the girl who diligently does all of her work in silence in attempts to please you.

 I am the girl who would love to travel and be in a band someday.  I am the girl who wishes she could jump into the pages of her favortite book.  I am the girl who lives and breathes music.

I am the girl who breaks down in empty classrooms and in bathrooms where no one can here.  I am the girl who spends so much time trying to make others happy-including you- to even focus on my own happiness.  I am the girl who at times would step out of the third floor window.

 I am the one who stands up for you when the rude remarks start in the halls.  I am the one who organizes your room and helos to keep everything neat and clean.  I am the one who does my best just to make ou happy when you see my results.

Because all that matters to you are the results.  

Not me, not my fellow students, just the results.

Hasn't anyone ever told you the journey is worth more than the destination?  Thirty years from now when you retire wouldn't you like to remember all the fun times you had with your students, all those who you got to know, and the memories made?  I hope for your sake that you don't, for all you will have are papers with numbers showing how wonderful of a teacher you were, and how talented.

Please, just once, look past our scores.  Look at us.  Know us.  Learn about us.  


Need to talk?

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