Candles and Shadows

Wed, 10/02/2013 - 22:54 -- a.lee1


When you sit in the corner,

Do the shadows pull at you?

Do you let them touch you?

Their sticky, bleached wishes

Muttered in your ear

Or do you light a candle?

A candle, a flare

Does the light chase them away?

Or do they live within you?

Does the flame burn the

Hand that carefully lit it?

If so, its light will burn away

The shadows on your heart,

If you allow it

The light is not a conqueror

It is a strong friend,

A trusted companion

Do the shadows chew at your hope?

Do not give them a table to dine at

Light the shadows as they flee

So that they burn before

They reach the dark

Allow your heart to take on

More pleasant things

Like the candle,

Wait until the shadows are retired

To shine


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