A Candle Flame for the World

The morning sun whispers my name,

    coaxing me to arise and seize every second. 

I, a humble speck in this gregarious world, yearns for each day, 

    and the camaraderie of bewilderment it can withhold. 


It is the awareness of the unknown that sparks the smallest of flames in my mind,

    this fire stretches across vast last that I conquer with every driven step of mine. 


Perhaps it is the anticipation of my future that holds me like a lost child,

    the captivation encompasses me, thrills me. 

I thirst for foreign grounds, 

    whose ancient soils coddle my feet,

    whose enriched past  intrigues my innermost thoughts. 


I desire to make change,

to englighten darkened souls,

to open the eyes of the blind. 


With every day, I awaken with an ember in my heart, that brightens my hours,

and, with hope,

    will one day light the world. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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