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I no longer have the desire to impress and feel the stress

That a society has created to only make me feel repressed

My being was not created to be superficial

But only beautiful without the artificial

My mission in life is to pursue what burns in me

A purpose that was created only within me

From the depth of my soul I write what I feel 

In hopes to express what I hold most dear

Unique with a smile that can change someone's day

Because I have what it takes to brighten your way

A mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend

I will stand by your side all the way to the end

A victim once, a survivor now

I chose to leave him not knowing how

I am made out of hardships, struggles, and tears

Because 'although she be but little, she is fierce'*

Through him God's my strength

Even though he's still four

My sunshine, my blessing, my own little world

Together we'll make it just him and I

Because our blessings keep coming from up in the sky


*William Shakespeare

By Diana G Sanchez



The greatest pieces win or lose are those that come from the heart.

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