The Cancer Prayer

Hey God,

If it’s Your will to answer,

Please let him survive the cancer.

If not, hold our hands when

It’s time to call him home again.

Help us to find a way

To find some rays

Of brilliant light

If he loses the fight.

You know, I think cancer is pretty stupid

Because now I won’t stop until we get rid

Of it. Messing with my relations

Increased my determination.

That’s the biggest mistake

Cancer could EVER make.

I just want to punch cancer in the face,

But I know You would want me to show grace

Instead. Cancer should be grateful for that

And for the fact that I can’t beat it with a bat.

I don’t think I would do that though.

It’s not the right way to go

About things. We’ll talk more later.

¡Buenas noches Creator!




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