Cancer Of The Mind

Cancer of the mind




Growing agony of mind and soul.


Thoughts that tormented.


Doubts that depressed.


Pain that desired death.


Yet it was healed.


The touch of the MASTER’s hand came.


The storms within stopped at HIS command.


I was saved!


I was healed!


It was well with my soul!


After years of torment I now had peace.


Decades pasted.


Then the cancer returned.


Resurrected from the dead.


Evolved into a new form.


That which was dead was now alive.


How could this be?


But now I know what must happen.


I need the touch of the Master’s hand.


A new vision of Jesus!


A renewal of mind!


A renewal of heart!


A new command from heaven!


Be still!


So, living healer of hearts!


Provide now the miracle and bring YOUR peace to my soul!


YOU are my hope and foundation!


I will trust YOU in the darkness!


I am not alone!






Norman Wise

Thoughts about the trouble of my soul 

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