I truly never thought it'd be me,

'cause as a kid all my cares were free.

So when she looked me in the eyes and said chemo starts soon,

my heart opened up to the emotional wound.

In and out of the hospital was never my favorite,

but in order to survive I had to brave it.

Self conscious and weary, my insecurities took over,

so I turned to wearing hats just to feel more sober.

Cancer takes lives, souls, and joy each day,

but for me it became the opening of a doorway.

I walked into this challenge ignorant at best,

and walked out of it with my life and feeling blessed.

I realized I grew up when I started to think,

that the world doesn't care if you float or if you sink.

It was always up to me and what I chose to do,

and with my second chance I'm gonna live my life, through and through.






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