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You were the happiest most wild person I’d ever met.

Seeing you always brought joy to my otherwise lifeless life.

But then she got her cold spindly hands on you.

She took you into her hands and slowly drained the life out of you.

Day by day the light in your eyes faded, until just looking at you I felt all the pain you had inside.

You were no longer the strongest man I knew.

She got her hands on you with such an unrelenting force that you slipped away.

When your hair was lost I could see the fight in you ending.

I could see your will to live fading.

Though you were ready for your life to end, for her to finally let you go.

I was willing to fight for you, was willing to be your strength where yours was lost.

But my fight soon ended when your eyes closed with your last heartbeat.

She had you and didn’t let you go til you finally succumbed to her wrath.


This poem is about: 
My family


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