Curse Thee! Black juggernaut of sorrow and pain,
Planning such a cruel act of evil, genocide.
Its slaughter soon shall be greater than Hitler's
For the juggernaut strikes every race with hate.
It is the evil Lancelot of Lucifer's army.
This knight feels no remorse for tis deeds,
Pillaging human's of dreams and peace,
Making their darkest nightmares reality.
It drags the free into a caged arena,
Forcing the victims into superfluous battle.
If the juggernaut's blade is thrust with precision,
Woe to the foe who shan't receive the medicine man's fix.
Overtime the combatant's spirit will weaken
As his body consumes itself and withers away.
Yes, I remember the dreaded day,
The juggernaut lured the white wolf away.
The battle was to last four months,
But resulted in to years of duel. How the cubs watched in fear
As their father fought so bravely.
Now the time is night; the cubs must soon say good-bye.
Memories will always remain of thee,
White wolf, how you were the greatest father for me.
No other could have fought the fight
And loved with such love.
We salute thee of alpha breed.
Though you were aided by the great he,
For God held you tight as in bed you lie.
Now he needs you in the kingdom high.


Doctor Jones

Lovely and somber poem.

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