Canadian Tuxedo (Cowritten by Savannah W)

I think about you more than I should

And if I knew how to make it end,

I don’t know that I would

I hear your voice in the wind


You’re a sweet addiction

I try to fight it,

But I always give in

My thoughts of you won’t quiet


I’m unsure if we’re “more than friends”

So I won’t stare for long

I’ll do my best to be silent and pretend

And feign disinterest in your songs


Around you, my heartbeat lacks rhythm

Everything goes haywire

You're a devil in denim

You set me on fire


So I’m failing to be flippant

‘cause I’m falling

And though I’m far from fragile

Those fractions of interactions

Fill me with something frightening


You make me lose control

Around you, I'm unpredictable, erratic

You're an old soul,

Wild, hypnotic, charismatic


Everyone listens to what you say

And it’s easy for them to obey

And they

Wonder if you’ll look their way

Not last time, but maybe today


From everyone else I tend to stray

But, hey

Maybe this time you’ll look my way?



I absolutely love this poem!!

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