Can you love the Heartbreaker?

Mistakes are made, you fight for what you think is right. What other options are on your side? Rumors spread through the halls and you are suddenly the center of attention. Others have been through the same situation countless of times, but yet you feel as if you're different from all the others. No one understands! You gave him everything you ever had, and he gave you heartbreak. The tables have turned and you have no one to go to. You fake that smile as if you had done it your entire life. He fights for his chances and you take that leap of faith and trust that if your guard is up, could you be broken again? Everyone shouts their opinion, but you pay no mind. Who are you to tell me that this is right or wrong? While you lie awake at night, feel the emptyness in that space he took place and recalling on those memories you made together. Anger fills you up, as you smash every photo frame you can get your hands on. How could he break everything you had? How could he just leave you there... alone? Words are thrown back and forth, such cruel and unnessary things. Every aspect runs through your mind, as you sit and wonder if you are to blame? NO! You will not let him manipulate you like that, bring you down so low that he has the power. It is so much easier for everyone to say, "It's just a high school heartbreak." No, it is much more than that. It was a first love, it was your best friend, it was a person you relied on, it was part of yourself. Tears flood from your eyes, but you know deep down that they are only temporary. You hear his voice, his sweet words again, his regret. You take that chance you swore to never return to. But deep down you wonder, are you fighting for what you want or what you're use to? Can you love the heartbreaker?  


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