Can You Hear Me

Can You Hear Me...

As the brown eyed lady approached the scene,
she speaks no words, she has no grin
She walks at a fast pace, at her workplace...
She whispers in a soft, but troubled, voice, "Can you hear me ?"

She works hard, long hours
She loves her work, but feels no power
Again, that inner voice says, "Can you hear me ? Can you hear me ?"
She's often described in many words by how she looks and how

she feels...passive, crazy, lonely, stubborn, distant and depressed.
Again the woman says "yes" but with a soft deep inner voice,
"Can you hear me ?"
After all the attention she was supposed to have sought,

Did you hear her ? Did you hear her pain ?
The sadness, the hurt, the embarrassment, the shame
She felt she needed to keep inside so deep, what flame ?
Did some one hear me ! I did ! For I'm your friend;

Jesus, I hear you !

This poem is about: 
My community


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