Can you hear me?

Can you feel the weight of my bones?

Can you taste the sound of my thoughts?

Please, I beg of you, listen and listen closely

because you will hear nothing as sad and nothing as joyous 

as my thoughts for you.

Although my bones are heavy and

although my thoughts are bland,

it is a pleasant sort of heavy

and a comforting kind of taste.

I can taste the thought of you,

the way your name is whispered behind every word

and phrase that fills my mind.

I can feel each whispered wish fall on top of every bone,

drown inside of every pore.

There is nothing that I want more than to feel you breath 

against my skin and slowly breathe me back to life.

Because you are my breath and my bone and my veins.

Your name flows through my blood,

your words are in my bones,

your hands are in my lungs

giving me the strength to breathe.

It is you that holds me up

and it is you that pulls me down.


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