Can You Give Me A Passion Fruit, Please?

Sun, 10/15/2017 - 22:02 -- Shena92

When you feed me your love, I'm healthy,

When I don't get enough, then I'm unhealthy,

Take me to the supermarket & give me more love, please,

Hey, can you buy this odd-looking fruit,

This must be the sweet passion we've been looking for, similar to a grapefruit,

You brought this right away & I said thank you so much,

When I took a bite of this native fruit, I felt your spirits flowing through my heart,

Transferring your true feelings, 

Such a pure soul that needs to be protected,

Next, we formed a pretzel with the palm of our hands,

Watching the skies at night move to the baseball stadium,

I remember you saved me from loneliness which is starvation.

You cured me by giving me fresh apples in first grade,

Elation with our communication is a beautiful station that we've created,

From laughing to crying all the time, we're inside out from Disney,

My heart pumps fast when I'm with you,

I flow words like caring and sharing, 

You flow words like enchanting and enhancing,

We are best friends because I love you,




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