Can You?

Sun, 09/01/2013 - 09:25 -- bprater

Can you hear them,
The laughing,
And the running feet,
And their cat calls?
Can you feel their joy?

Can you hear it,
The quiet,
How you could hear a pen drop,
And not a soul in the room?
Can you feel the anticipation?

Can you hear them,
The screams,
And the crashing,
And the cries of pain?
Can you feel their fear and agony?

Can you hear it,
The quiet,
Not a sound,
But on the slow drip drop of blood?
Can you feel the death?

Tell me,
If you can’t,
Why are you screaming
Covering your ears
And trembling?

I know you can
Hear the voices
Of this place
So that means
You will soon be with us!


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