Can We?

Tue, 01/22/2019 - 16:01 -- AiM

Can we?

Can we talk about the things that matter?

Maybe before I put it on the platter?

I mean like having conversations that will make me forget its been past an hour.

See I loooove roses and flowers,

And I just don’t want to fuck

I want to get devoouured.

But can you allow yourself to exchange energies with me, that will leave us both feeling empowered?

Can we talk about these things in the shower?

You know those little things that matter…

Cultural conditioning and habits that we have mal adapted

Or how we are emotionally exhausted so to stay safe we prefer those who we sexually drafted or are physically attractive.


I don’t mean to distract this,

I know you are waiting for me to proceed

With the extravagant deed of meeting your kids with my mouthpiece,

But before we get active,

I need to know if you are willing to be pro-active

In this fight of no longer allowing the white man to belittle our conscious.

We have had enough of their monstrous actions

Like selling slaves in auctions or keeping kids of all ages detained in cages while their parents are cuffed. But to white satisfaction that wasn’t enough.

Now they tear gas ‘em, get the money from government funds

Disregarding the fact that in flint dirty water still runs and dare to say the kids are the criminals huh


Look before you beat it

I would love for you to eat it

We can go at it like jack rabbits

While we explore each others bad habits,

But only if we can have open conversations

On the pain that comes with living in a nation

That’s in the hands of white bandits

That wants you reprimanded

For the color of your skin or

If you speak a different language,

Can you believe their audacity?

No coño, that’s the caucacity !!!

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