Can Never Be The End

Time is ticking, words are slipping,

here comes day and here comes night

but not every breath is there to hold

I shut my eyes once but nothing tends to go away

I shut my eyes twice but its all still there

This is just a dream

this is all my imagination

My heart is a whole and will remain that way 

You filled it with dignity of love and you will be there for as long as I live.

Its not a butterfly who looses its wings 

but its the addiction of love, once and for all

Its not who you love and cherish the most

but Its who you will die for at the end

One I hid my feelings

two I try to slip it through

three didn’t work

four Im almost there

five yes I win 

six I fall back

seven I keep on trying 

eight a light of hope had shun 

nine sister is in play

ten friend came in

eleven we are one

twelve we go back to one

I will never stopped trying but to be there for you 

and always will be not physically but emotionally

Time is ticking, hands are together, eyes are closed, I hears a sound 

Oh my Lord is that you?

Its not what you ask for, its what you already have in the future

Your my one and you will always be with me 

filling my body with all of you

You will not be the end of my love

you will be another start to my chapter of a next life

I can’t tend to predict the future 

but to hope for the best

For the Lord knows the best

For I know you will have the same mindset 

I would leave it to that 

For all I know in the bottom of the quaker 

You will always be mine, 

You will never leave me

More to come, and so little to see

At first and at last

Tone the mood a little longer

Eyes on the winning price

Soul to soul and heart to heart

Oh you have stole my heart 

It can never be the end, but another chapter

Like I said, you are my rock that can never be broken into pieces

but stay as a whole

Ndagukunda,Nakupenda, Na lingi yo, Je t’aime, Te amo, 

Piece, warmth, joy, loyalty, courage, wisdom, faith stay with us


By:Jacqueline Ndayizeye

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