To: Calm, Composed, Relaxed

Wed, 04/10/2013 - 09:31 -- snyab

I saw you through closed eyes.
I saw what you’d see
If you were me:
Calm, composed, relaxed.
Confidently above the rest.

I saw you through closed eyes.
When you sang and laughed,
I watched and wished I were you.
I saw what you showed:
Calm, composed, relaxed.
Not a care in the world
For the perfectly, perfect you.

Then I heard you speak
Of pain, of sorrow, of life.
I saw you through open eyes,
A doe in the forest,
Afraid and alone.
Wanting to reach out,
Yet unsure of how.

It’s all a show you put on
To have them see what I once saw.
You’ll sing and laugh,
And they’ll watch and wish they were you.
So calm, so composed, so relaxed,
In a forest so painfully dark.

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just something I wrote. hope you like it.

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