Calling Help

Sun, 11/18/2012 - 22:04 -- Keydra


United States
31° 26' 24.306" N, 83° 29' 8.4876" W

Fields golden as the sun
Bees buzzing up in swirls
A blow of faint wind
Sent silent whispers in my ears
Leaves twirl with no fear
Clouds dance as in slow motion
Skies open with great intensity
And He grabs His children
With no yields from the fields
Flights taken to the heights
With open palms approaching
His children reach for assistance
From Father who gave them wings
And cherish them with warmth
Like a mother does her child
As gates of pearls widen
Of rays a blinding
Angels lift siblings to Father
For spoon feeding the knowledge
To lead their next of keen
Into a life with no strife
But with no witnesses


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