Calling All Outcasts

This a call to Arms.

A call to the Beaten.

A call to the Forgotten.

A call to the Addicts.

A call to the ones left Alone.

To the ones called the Outcasts, and a warning to the Clones that make the Accusations and Constantly assume that the ones they call Nerds, Geeks, Losers, and, Freaks are somehow less significant than themselves.

So this is my Anthem.

This is my call to today's "Losers" and tomorrow's Heroes.

This is a call to arms.

A call to the Caring.

A call to the Passionate.

A call to the Brave.

and a call to the loving.

Being called the Outcast of a group or a family, should be a sense of pride not a reason to hide, because it means that you have the Potential to change the world...

You have the Ability to turn Ashes into Armies.

You have the Ability to turn Grief into Greatness.

You have the Ability to turn Pain into Pride.

Most of you are afraid....

FEAR.... a small word that holds a massive amount of meaning.

Just as "Love" or "Hate"

FEAR is the thing holding all back from being different. 

FEAR is what makes us fall in line of Society's expectation, but we should not be afraid we should be FEARED because our Ideas, could shake the very foundation of Society's expectations.

This is my call to you...

A call to the Judged.

A call to the "Lost Cause".

A call to the Visionary.

And a call to the ones that will take a stand for what they believe in, because they're not afraid to go toe to toe with someone that says what makes them happy is immoral or wrong... and then they're willing to lend a hand to the very people that told them they were worthless... and they show Mercy to those who don't deserve it.... 

You may ask the simple Question...


Because they are the bigger person..

This is a call to the Heroes

To Brothers and Sisters alike 

to the ones that fight for their 

Freedom and the Freedom of others

This is a call to the Outcasts

My call to you...

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Sweet poem!!! Very powerful. Way better than I could do that is for sure!

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