I've been feeling quite reminiscent as of late

All of these old feelings keep coming to me

But new ones come, too

There's a place that's been calling to me


A whisper, but sometimes so loud it sounds of a battle cry

A battle cry to which I whisper, "I'll see you soon."

To feel familiar ground fly away from my feet

To feel foreign ground meet it

To feel the motion of the earth spinning beneath me

And a million different people pushing in a million different directions

To feel anonymous in a place full of anonymity

And yet, to feel so at home

So alive

In a place where I know I could never stay


Someday I'm going to go back there

To stand on that cobblestone

To watch the sun rise, tinting the early-morning fog a foudroyant shade of peach that bathes the city in a warm glow

To feel that familiarity

I'm going back, and my heart is soaring at such a simple thought

You asked me for one thing I can't live without

And I answer you with this;

There is a place that is the embodyment of my soul

A place where I will always be drawn to, like my eys to the stars

You asked me for one thing I can't live without

I cannot even dream of a world without London.

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Our world
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