A Call Too Loud to Ignore

When I was speaking you weren't really listening, 
you only heard what you wanted to, 
I wanted you to see me, that me that I believe in deep down, right now, but you only see the surface me that I choose to show the world, protecting the me deep down, almost forgotten, but that me has a voice and it will not be drowned.
I'm coming out it says, I'm coming out and now I'm faced with that me that I've feared others will reject but this is the truth...I've been rejecting that me this entire time. I've been rejecting the fearless, powerful me that doesn't give two flying ducks what anyone else thinks because she is too busy living, loving and giving back to worry about opinions that amount to less than anything you could bare to imagine. 
But now that I'm faced with me, I have to say thank you because you didn't see me, that me that I've been hiding but by that same not seeing you gave me a voice so loud that it finally got my attention. 
Thank you for blessing us by virtue of your innocent ignorance. 

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