Call On My Thoughts

Wed, 10/15/2014 - 19:48 -- wdt314


Will the life we once sought, 
turn our love into darts, and target the points of a forgotten mark. 
So pin the pain down and turn this face into a frown,
so they'll see the shame, in the grace we once shown. 
I called on my heart, it took me to voice-mail,
never returned my call, but mocked my remarks. 
I thought instead, that I should use my head, 
to replace the thoughts of my lost and dreadful heart.
Then I went to sleep, sweet dreams as they seemed, 
my eye closed to night, but nightmares took the fight. 
Fighting against my weaknesses and pain of the past, 
I should of known, this love wouldn't last. 
But my mouth kept silent and I smiled with your heart, 
the love was filled of many prickly bumps.
Till that day comes, when you walk away, 
I'll stay here and face the pain.


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