Call Me Chemically Unbalanced

Wed, 12/27/2017 - 13:59 -- brogle

Welcome to the place where my mind often wanders

Welcome to the corner of my brain where my doubts lie

Where my anxieties are written in red ink, because in black ink I write my history, and blue is where I write my sorrow.


Welcome to the place I often go to, to figure out why I'm still single

The far off part of my brain where I will rely on for answers that aren't needed


Do I need to put down a welcome mat in order for you to take the step and come on in?

These thoughts they don't just disappear 

They're written along the walls of my skull in the blood I forgot I shed


You can try to make these things go away but they don't 

Trust me I've tried for years


Oh, how rude of me, let me give you the tour.

If you look over there you will find a picture of my body where guys have touched me without my consent

In front of you is the journal filled with bullet points of why I'm so alone


This closet over here is a good place to hide my smiles, I know because I've been doing it for years.

I'm afraid this if the factory where all of my facades come from

Patented and manufactured right in this very spot.


Right there is the spot I wallow in self pity

Cacooned in tear stained pillows and blankets that could cover my body twice over, because I can't stand the thought of looking at myself


You can see my hall of shattered mirrors where my dysphoria likes to stay


This is what I like to call my organized sea of death


Alone and untouched because no one dares to come in


So what do you think now


You still want me?

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