The Call of Hollywood

From the hills 

that are Beverly

Whatever that means

To the sign

That says 

¨This is where

You follow your dreams¨


It is a city

A city that calls

Millions to try

to follow

Their call


To act

To sing

Though some

never do


Some don't

make it

While others

Our black brothers

Lie bloody

and broken

In the back drop

Of the stars


But still

It calls

A call of hope

And a call

of dreams


It calls 

For dreamers

Of all colors

To follow their



To go to

The city

Where a

Star can

be born


Risking it all

To follow

The Call of Hollywood


They go to a city

Of plays


and glittering lights


Like sheep

They follow

Their eyes blind

With the hope 

They will make it

Not knowing of the

Bodies left behind

It isn't all bad
After all
The call
Let's the dreamers
That is 
the magic
Of the Call of Hollywood


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

nice poem

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