Call him, respond to her


I notice him. I see her.

I greet him. I say “Hi” to her.

He smiles at me. She beams happily.

I cook for him. I clean for her.

He works hard for me. She makes tasty meals for me.

I thank him. I say “Thanks” to her.

He heads to work. She goes to work.

I see him with a woman. I see her with a guy.

The woman is his co-worker. The guy is her cousin.

I hope he has a good time. I wish her a great day.


Today was tiring. Today was hopeless.

I made a mistake. I forgot a document.

Nothing was right. Only a blank paper was left.

I need help. Where was it?

I miss him. I miss her.


I called him. I received her call.

I told him my woes. I will always listen to her.

I can’t lie to him. I want to help her.

I was given advice. I want to support her.

He asks me. I asked where it could be.

I tell him where. I left it where I cleaned.

Thank you. Thanks again.


I am back. Home sweet home.

I embrace him. I peck her cheek.

Always supportive. Simply reliable.

Like roots of a tree. Like a partner in crime.

He is my significant other. She is my other half.

I tell him my mistake. I reply.

I respond. I tell her my close call.

I forgive him. I forgive her.

Because I love you.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! Please continue to express your life your heart and your soul! Keep sharing!

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