The Call of Books for a Lonely Soul

The child will seek his old novel friend,

After the trials and tribulations have began.

The man will cry with the daring old book,

Feeling the mistakes he perhaps underlooked.

The girl will be taught about death- the enemy,

The loved ones that leave in these dear fantasies.

Teaching us about the real world, and the pain life brings,

Books are for all of us, refugees who cling

To something that’s not real- something that’s magnificent,

Hiding from the world around us, because we’re just different.

Books are the shelter from the storm of humanity.

They are for the broken souls bordering on the brink of insanity.

The ones lost hopelessly in the world

The words on a page shows the soul unsettled

The power to overcome a world so dark-

They show the pain and the guilt that mark,

The song of a first love or complete joy, 

The cry of the heartbroken, the sinners, empty.

They teach of the silence some are forced to endure,

To show the lack of freedom that some are ensured.

Or the lies that are told that some are forced to listen

They calm us by showing we all are truly hidden. 

To know we are all just humans who think and feel the same, 

The books are written by those who wish to speak and claim-

To tell the tale of humans who forget they were all so similar 

Making the world a better place, a place more familiar. 

These books will show us how to be different.

Books can show us our problems if we do not listen.

The books on our shelves, the book in your bag,

Were made for you and me- a sign of a truce flag. 

For the broken and lost, for lonely or confused,

For the lovers and heartbroken, the fearful and abused.

Each has a message it wishes to share.

We are different enough, but we feel the same care,

You are not alone- it's okay to feel in between.

But without someone like you, where would a story begin?


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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