A Call And Response

Why is there more hatred than love

Why do I not see help from above

Why are we viewed as despicable punks 

Why do they only put us in cuffs?


Why do I see a racial divide

Why are we fighting all of the time

Why can't we unify within a confine

Why are we searching but never can we find?


Why don't they see men in despair

Why are our problems beyond repair

Why are they killing, it isn't fair

Why do you allow it mayor?


Why is injustice a theme in our home

Why is depression prominent when alone

Why can we not get off of our phone

Why are humans emotionless drones?


I am a human who can't see an answer

Our hatred is spreading at alarming rates like cancer

Our existence should be free like a prancer

And exquisite and artistic like a ballet dancer.


The first four stanzas were a call for help

Because the response is in ourself

We must accept that we are a whelp

That is learning to live in harmony with Kelp.


In order to change, you must look in the mirror

You will then see a little glimmer

It's hope manifesting in your inner

Heart cause you envision yourself as a winner.


In our country they make it seem like black and white

Because they want us to always fight

When together our power and might

Can vanquish the burning light.


The light is racism it burns inside

Deray Mckesson said it before a closed eye

And that is why this is so alive

Because we all have ego and pride.


So let me end this with some hope

The truth will cleanse like soap

And water will be truthful to folk

And us chicken will not poison the yolk.

This poem is about: 
Our world


Julien E.G

Nice man. Look at my piece "Good Morning Charleston" btw. Nicely worded


love this <3


<3 this one

You're a fantastic writer!


Great words, speaking the truth :)

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