California in New York (The Art of Love)



Ever since I laid my eyes on you, nothing was the same.

Even the clouds I land on change

Like setting fire to the motherfucking rain

From the first time to the next,

Or the next to the first time

Do we have to still keep the shivery or

Can we just be original & corny?

I want to have a history, a friendship

With the place that I’m in

I've never pretended with art &

Art doesn't pretend with me,

But what the fuck that got to do with anything?

What is the meaning of California in New York anyway?

Have you ever tried to put something so big,

In a place that’s so much smaller?

Is it the simplicity & elegance?

Or is it the moisture from your waters?

Why can’t anyone else be as exceptional as you?

I come to realize that they’re in need

Of something you got but,

The funny thing that comes to mind is that

How can a person experience being in another place

If it never even been there?

How do I know where we’ll end up if we never even tried?

How can we make up assumptions of loving you?

How can I show New York the art of love,

If it’s all in my head?

Don’t dig so deep into it

The title is not meant to be understood

That’s the beauty of it

It isn’t supposed to make sense,

The question is…how can California be in New York?

If California can really be in New York,

Then why can’t I seem to see you in the lights?

Maybe it’s the beauty of you that’s contrast the two

Or the art from the cities that fall to the urban crews

Yeah the vision is killing me but I want you to be in it

It’s more than just how you look on paper,

It’s your self confidence that keeping me infatuated

Your drive is driving me crazy

Now I’ve driven far into a place

Where I don’t even know if

New York can really be the place I’m looking for?

The evening stars are all around her

And now she standing out in the city

Of unmoving time just wanting to know

How can an enigmatic California be in a place

Where it haven’t come to pass

The way you got me, has given me the urge

To keep digging more into you

I want to do this right

But does waiting really make a better journey's end?

Maybe I can fuck the shit out your ambitions

Until I get me an answer?

From the first day I saw you

I fell for you stunning image

I can tell you were sculptured

From the hands of God

And you’re still the one that’s got my mind in a shackle

Never thought I’ll see much pleasure from the

Sexiness of your appeal

Every time I looked into your eyes

I can see our future from your brown eyes, but

What is holding California back from accepting

That it may never be in New York?

Does it feel frightened to step up

Into a new light, a new road, a new image?

Why California wants to be in New York anyway?

While I’m waiting on your answer

You’re probably out there being all that you can be

But I want to know what do you inspire to be?

Because your intellect is something that’s enticing me

Yeah I can admit I’m sweating you,

See I like the person who you are

But I’m in love with the visions of you & me

Becoming one city

How can love fit into a place where it’s over capacity?

How deep do we have to go until

We find the purpose that was ordained to be?

Maybe if California can ever be in New York

We can do the things we never got the time to do?

But does the cold distance of 3300 miles

Between us ever come to mind?

Maybe it’s your passive aggression

I feel when I try to get close to you

How can California ever be in a place where it shouldn’t be?

Maybe that’s why were isolated in two diverse parts of

The world in the first place

However, maybe we can build up on something that we never had,

Then again are we still talking about art or love?

But like before what the fuck does art got to do with this?

I want to make you understand that I want

You in more ways you can ever envision

I want to put you in positions that only

I can hold you in

Now can that be considered art?

Or is it just love?

Is it possible that is always seem like there’s a chance,

A chance to adapt to the feeling of being lost &

That maybe I’m waiting to outgrow my relationship with art?

But never thought it would mature & become a superior part in my life

I feel so comfortable with being in New York

I can be myself around you & you won’t judge

Is California & New York ….love, art, state maybe even a person?

It doesn’t even matter

I just try to cope on how I ain’t met you yet

You can never know what the outcome will be until you give it a try.

So enlightened me of why you’re always in my Cali dreams?

Can you share your thoughts, secrets & ambitions with me?

Girl you can keep your flaws. I won't judge.

I wanna be in a place

Where the girls would rather chase their dreams

Rather than to chase these men

For New York I will stand outside in the rain

And wait for you to love California

Let’s ignite this fire they could have

Maybe the two is needed together

So they can finally shift the culture of art?

Just give me one moment to hold you in my arms

I will make you feel secured under the New York lights

With this California warmth

I want more than your body, I want your smile,

Your soul, your love & forever

I don’t want us to feel that we never gave it try

So why not attempt to understand

Why can’t we be together?

You can’t make someone else heart feels the same thing you do

Maybe that’s why you feel

California won’t ever be there

But it is & it will be.

I can feel it in the air so

Just let my love garnish you

And let my body protect you

I will make you feel that this California love

Is surrounding your New York ambiance, because

You reformed my whole life with your presence

There’s always that one person

That will always have your heart

So baby before you blow up & enter the streets of fame

Under the New York lights

Can you promise that one day

We’ll try to be together?

I’m just trying to connect with something &

Those New York lights will hold her down

Until I make it there

You used to say you can be whoever you want

All I got to do is believe in myself

So do you believe in us?

Because once you do, you’ll see

That California can indeed be in New York

It can be concealed in one of those city condos

Where all the pretty girls are sleeping

I’ll treat you good girl like you’re famous

But someone has been hiding you

You’re surrounded by the big buildings & everlasting nightlife

And it’s the reason why you’ll never get bored

Because this is a new lustful life for you………………………

For those who still don’t understand

The point of California in New York

Is not the population difference or the weather

The objective of it all is to realize that

All that he’s looking for…is in New York…it’s in her

And that once he realizes that it’s not about bringing

The population over with him to make it fit

It’s about him bringing himself to her

Making her feel like 1 + 1 = 2 and that’s all she’ll need

Instead of 19,570,261

Because he is California

And she is New York

All she needs is him & all he needs is her

To make a smaller place feels so immense

Like California is in New York

Who’s better for you than the ambitious visionary?

When it’s all said & done, the visions he has

Will in due time come to pass

And all they’ll need is a light & a torch

To make it last in…….

California in New York. 




The message of this piece is to understand that he wants to be with her & she doesn't see how they can be together. Her heart is small & his heart is big (California is bigger than New York). He wants her to try to realize that they can be together. California is trying to make her understand that his heart can love enough for the both of them if she's willing to let this one person come into her already crowded & small heart by just adding one to make a small place feel so immense. But it's all a vision in his head, California is just envisioning that they'll be together, however it hasn't happened yet. 

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