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Can I be all the way honest or sorta?
Im not just another NewYorker that wants so badly to go California
but yea it's this chick there thatd make a Christian stare.. At Medusa
and pardon me i kno you're used to
Dudes focused on You like a tutor
but see me im different, I kno youve heard that before show me a girl that hasn't
but the proof is in the pudding and im Bill Cosby
my game is a lil sloppy see
Because I don't chase much
most of these chicks are straight smuts
that cause distractions
on a road to success I present to u mediocrity that's why I accept the rejection
you want to see something different so I present to You Christian
Simply more mediocrity at first glance but I blew the first chance
and they say you only give one shot because you're dumb hot
and everybody wants you, thats the truth
So I'm in the booth hoping to catch your attention
Ignoring u seems to be the path I come straight forward and you laugh
Did I meet my thirst quota?
Is my open desire for you the reason why you give me the cold shoulder?
California I hear you're so warm I see you're so pretty
I'm just a young kid with Dreams from a big city,
I play a lot my sense of humor is out there but when I want something I work hard for it
California you aren't a big fan of small talk
Like imagine us walking on the boardwalk
it is lame to you so what arranges u?
What catches ur eye ?what keeps your attention?
I wanted you since I saw you and I've been wanting I since then.



It is so cool how you wrote about California as if it were a person you were talking to, and how you started off the poem with a question. If you like writing about what you see, check out "poetry writing tips" for your surroundings under the "resources" section!

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