Calibrating the


This is a peom it took me about 2 hours and I got all the ideas from about 40 rock songs and mixed them all together.


Part One


Why Give up? Why give in?

Its not enough. Never is,

But theres gotta be more to life then this,

Theres gotta be more then all I thought exist.


Far away Its not like I wanted too,

But I remembered when we fell,

It was my heart! my life!


I love you.


One time in my life,

I lost myself and you where there by my side,

But i didnt know what I've become-Love struck,

Now im just muffed up.


You took my whole life,

My breath away,

I remembered when we kissed as you drifted into the sun,

You're my sickness, your my weakness, your my state of mind...Your Mine!!

Something aint right cuz im sick of you,


Im not a perfect person,

And I found a reason for me too change who I used to be,

I'm sorry that I hurt you,

Sometimes i feel the fear i have uncertainy stinging clear,  


And sometimes I ask myself,

Where did i go wrong?

But wait...

Where did I ever go right?

But just remember,

In the end it doesnt even matter,


One day...


This life will go the way I wanted it to go...

But I already know theres,

No one listening!?


Part Two


Thank the life I live now,

Time After time i walk the fine line,

But will you love me tomarrow?

So will you stay with me today?

Finding out a reason too fight the way hes feeling he breaks down,

Hate now.


Crying over nothing,

Afraid now,

Scared now,

He doesn't know which way I need too go,

Failing too understand,

I wish I can,

It's all right if your listening,


I chose the way I never want to be,

In her eyes again I can live again,

Free within,

I still got a way to go to find my way to you,

But until then are we tired of looking?


Something too believe in,

Did someone say a solution?

Or is it all in my head?

But it taught me to move on in this world,

I'm just thinking about forever.

I know your so much better.

Im still caught in my same ways.


And how do you know which way the wind blows?

Because I can feel it all around.

I'm not the type to say I told you so, but farewell.

I Think the hardest part of holding on is letting it go.


Wanting more has got me waiting,

But I think its time to love again,

But how when I cut my heart open not forgetting the past is real.


Just remember I'm in vain.


Part Three


Ive had enough with your fake reflection.

All it's giving me is lies inside my head.

I feel that I must enforce you that,

I have sold my soul.

My insides scream so loud,

How did it come to this?



A!hhhh! Just get away!

You make me sick!

Why wont you let me be?

It makes me sick to think of it.



Another wave of tension has filled me up,

So I force this hate and pain into my heart cuz it is my only friend.

Why do you point the finger at me?

I'm guilty by occiastion,

But I wanna know the answers.

Mo more lies,

But I find myself in question,


How did i become this lonleyness?


This Disregard?

I am what I want you too be,

But I cannot convince myself to just believe this is real when you turn your back.


Time too go back home.

You made it through, but nevertheless.

I got you out of this fire,


Make it loud because somebodys there!

Stop! turn! Take a look around!

Please don't get hurt...


Why am I here at a funeral?

I am wondering where you've been.

You did not deserve this.

I gave you the end, and you gave me a start,

You taught me how to build, not tear it apart,

Now I know why I feel so empty.

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