Calculations to success


Calculations to success

            Shackled by deception

            Faced with imprisonment

            Beaten through lectures

            Pelted by armies of white sheets


            Armed with a wooden stick

            Broken minded by torment

            Your bones creak and twinge

            Breathing becomes shallow


            You slip back into the dark

            Feel the thudding of your heart

            Hear the ticking of the clock

            Counting, estimating, recreating


            Outwitting the system

            Yet pressed to your limits

            Welding your bones to steel

            Constructing your mind to be impenetrable, unbreakable


            While struck by the shadows

            You rain light of the darkness

            Fill the empty with a soul

            Precluding failures and doubt


            Becoming a man of heart

            Strong in mind, body and emotion

            Standing over seas of opportunity

            Determining which path to partake in


            Making your calculations to success  



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