Caged Mind

My words, rearranged to please a society that can never be pleased.

Pleasing a society where others rather see you begging for help than see you succeed.

My mind stays busy like a hive full of bees.

I know my words can help lives

like the oxygen given to us by trees.

Sadly, knowing such things

I still hold my true thoughts captive

like a wild animal in a cage.

Why can't I set them free?

Why do I complain about society holding me back when it's I who is putting myself in such rage?

Is it society that is killing my dreams and leaving them on the ground like dead leaves?

...Or is it just me?

No. No, it can't be...

Why is it so hard for me to comprhend and see the thoughts I have once always wanted to speak?

It's thses filters society has provided me with.

My thoughts used to favor moving pictures, a gif

Now they're just standing still, so stiff.

Wait. Pause. Let me just try doing this.

Filter one; censory. Delete.

Filter two; double standards. Delete

Filter three; inequality. Delete

"Are you sure you want to delete these filters?" Yes.

It feels like 500lbs of fakeness was lifted off of my chest.

My mind feels like a wild animal that was just set free.

My thought are now moving like music with no rests.

See with no filters

I am heard, yes many disagree, but they're disagreeing with my words.

My thoughts are now unlocked.

No time to waste.

I open my mouth and speak my thoughts and I keep them consistent like the sound of a clock.

tick, tock, tick, tock.

My thoughts will never be filtered again.

My mind will never be flitered again.

I will never be flitered again

And if society want to fight about it

Hahaha, sweetie just tell me when.

My words, arranged to please myself instead of a society that only care about wealth.

Baby, take off those filters..

just trust me, I'm living proof, It's good for your health.


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