A Caged Man Let Loose On Reality

No hesitation when my pen touches the paper
or when my words are drenched in color as it's flavor.
I used spoken words as my power, to only let my foes think that I would devour.
I painted success as my image, now let me focus on it as my canvas;
you know that I'm sickened by commitment,
that's why my projects never get finished.
So why won't you let me be that raw savage as I crank it up to kill.
I'll be that animal taking those difficult situations to help me reinvent my will.
See I tired to forge myself into a statue,
something that everyone would look up too.
I struggled to maintain,
because my theory wasn't the only thing that remained.
In anger I felt my pain, yet as a beast I became brave.
Tackled by love and they said it wouldn't be enough,
yet framed as an image and yet i was suppose to be diminished .  
A crime of  passion left me breathing,
now I'm left seeking for a device that would give me a reason to keep moving.
Reminiscing on the seconds that got pondered into dust.
A phrase meant to be contain, yet to live unnamed.
Wrapped in it's bandages, I slowly became a prisoner to it's manliness.
A trigger towards my figure as I embodied my spirit,
I lived life as a fool; yet only now to see my instruments as my greatest tools.
I figured my imprisonment was something of meaningless,
yet the echo's of my release wouldn't stop haunting me of my weakness.
Shattered mirrors of my reflection, is this the life I choose to be my kingdom.
Enrage about my cage, I let lose my wrath upon age.  
Trapped in a body with a mind far beyond my time,
as I begin to realize I'm an adult wrapped in youth as time rewinds.
Written down in stone as my mind grows weak from age,
I'm just a lad trying to find a place I can call home. 


Mafi Grey

"He was about to turn either 75 or 80," Hussey says. "We were sitting around talking and he said, 'I can't believe it. I still feel like I just got back from the war. I should be in my 20s — and then I look in the mirror and see this face I don't recognize. That inspired Hussey, a commercial photographer, to capture the sentiment. He posed Gardner in this photo, and for the reflection, hired a model who looks the way Gardner feels."
Tom Hussey



Mafi Grey

Yeah that's how I was when I was writing it. 

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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