I will not be defined or confined by my figure.

My mind is too powerful to be judged by a number.

My oversized heart beats wild in this oversized body.


I am heavy but I am light,

I am light.

My body should not distract from my words or my feelings.

I am valid-

I am valid and my words have meaning.


I know gain,

I know eat,

I know fat,

But I know words much deeper than that.

I know feminism, and equality, and poverty, and freedom.

I know thoughts, lost, in the curves of my bosom.


I know hatred, and I know pain.

I know calorie counting, it's a vicious game.

But I know beauty, and I know brains.

I have both- because you can have both.


Talk to me about the hues of the sky or fireflies,

Not my latest gym visit or if I diet.

Ask me about women's pay or at least how my day was,

Don't ask me my size, or tell me I eat too much.


I am caged.

I am caged by perception,

Take a look and you'll see there's no greater punishment.


I am woman.

I am bold and I am brave.

I am much more than the roundess of my face.

I am much more than the size of my jeans.


I am a mind and a body and a soul-

Judge me if you please but choose your words carefully.


I am caged, not by thoughts or by feelings,

I am caged by words that have so much meaning.


I am more.

I am more than what you see.

Do not strip me of my power, they call machinery "she"

For a reason.


I am heavy on the eyes and the mouth of another, 

But do not judge me based on traits deemed by others.


I am too powerful to worry about petty things such as size.

I have much better things to do with my time.


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