Thu, 01/16/2014 - 21:58 -- Lain12
The breeze through my hair makes me feel alive
The air that cleanses my body from the toxics I breathe
I sit in this cage waiting
For the day I can breathe from a higher point
A place where I no longer have to keep running
Where the view is beautiful
Nothing but natures creation
To write about the freedom that I ached for
I was an ignorant child that thought this cage was where I had to be
I didn't know that there was so much more out there
other than what this cage has shown me
The unbelievable foreign countries that tell stories of their long journeys
throughout history
The strongest Kingdoms becoming the weakest
The powerful kings being overthrown by their own people
Rebellions that started to become a revolution
If they don't let me free with a friendly smile
I will overthrow their system
I will become the revolution
I want to see the world 
I will not consider myself a hero to the people I lead to freedom
because this is for
My ambition
My dream
They do not know what they desire
But they only want to be free
and this enough for us to strive to destroy this place I call home



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