Sun, 01/31/2016 - 23:28 -- Bordley

I am but one verse in the medley of life.

My notes follow no rhythm but that of my own heart.

No instruments save for those of my soul are present in my composition.

The sound that I create has evolved with every key change of my sixteen

            pages and counting.


From the scherzo of my childhood filled with carefree days and innocent


The vivace minuet of my middle school career, sight reading through

            band, basketball, and the presto tempo of schoolwork,

And the accelerando from childhood to teenage life with exciting new

            passages like marching band and German club and increasingly

            complex studies,

To the mysterioso aria of the future filled with promising melodies and

            thrilling new challenges,

I am but one verse in the medley of life.

I practice passionato to progress so that I can excel in all that I do.

My purpose in life is yet unknown, but I know that I will never rest until I

             accomplish it.

For now, I seek only to finish my current stanza.

I plan to take life poco a poco, perfecting every piece rather than pushing

            through to the end.

For I am but one verse in the medley of life.

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