"Bye bye bye" to us

#nofilter, cowarding at the bottom of some random girl's pic, yet the image itself speaks otherwise, producing something

even the sun would be jealous of.

Look at hers, likes skyrocketing as they take in her milky skin, bared chest, and heavy makeup.

Now, look at mine.

Four likes, an emojii with his tongue out, and a sneaky smile on my mother's face.

Look closely.

Can you see my muddy freckles scattered across my face, or the way my nose slants into a slope?

Look at my hair, fiery red and as wild as a lion's, splayed across my head as

my mouth pulls up into a cheeky grin and a small dimple appears on my right cheek....

Wait, is that mud on my pajama bottoms? And why is there black smeared beneath my eye?


My leftover makeup from the night before. Great.

But, see something you can't glimpse upon!

See the little details that no cover bares.

How i shine even with shitty lighting, and the glare from the flash, and the child photo bomber in the back, a cherry popsicle melting in his hand.


The dog curled up on the floor, my  yellow and pink socks, each color on a different foot, and my tangled top.


Muddy handprints scour the wall behind me, my own hands raised in the symbol for peace, both legs seperated from each other as i attempt a "cool" pose.

Do you see yet?

Something the other girls' didn't possess.


Fine i'll tell you.....

.....the old times, the good days, the 90's kids.


Before the time of filter or selfie or the ridiculous hashtag scene, there was us.

Let the girl keep her likes and filters, for we have something more.

We are the last of a sense of reality. 

The world has left us behind, seemingly giving us the middle finger, backing away and mock singing to the Backstreet Boys. 





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