Butterfly Heart (A Meeting Place)


A hand of cards 
Unevenly dealt 
An invitation of butterflies 
Leading to exquisite daydreams 
An unopened gift 
A mystery 
Imperfectly perfect itinerary 
An unspoken thought 
A moment stretched in time 
Just an unanswered question 
About this moment passing by 
A moment etched in memory forever 
Yet only lasting merely seconds 
Sprouting wings to my butterfly heart 
Life proposing to you a Rose 
Others noticing only thorns 
Complaining for its imperfectness
Another sees it's beauty 
A radiant mass of color 
A petal dropped into a sunset 
Surrounded by uncertainty 
But worth it for a treasure within 
Though the dew dries with the morning 
It's presence still prevails 
leaving thorns to tender
Until we meet again 
On a day adorned in leaves 
A mermaid in the breeze
Learning what those colors mean 
The music of my heart 
Each ringing something clearly 
Soundlessly all the same
colores de mi corazon         (colors of my heart)
Solo para ti                             (only for you)
Mi persona especial             (My special person)
Mi unico Amor                        (My one love)   
Prove me right 
My eternal blossom 
Show me this lasts longer 
Than a Rose diminished 
A fine grayish dust 
Floating in breeze 
This moment as it comes to pass 
Can either last a life time 
Or shatter with the setting sun 
Never promising to rise anew

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