Butterfly deffect

Sun, 02/28/2016 - 12:33 -- Novax

I Blinked and I missed it. Pulling up to the Side walk built a quarter way into the street apart from the side walk. the Bus slapped her hand which sounded like it didn't even hit her skin all you heard was Bone. Almost instantly she was swarmed by some sympathetic wasps who didn't Sting But, even if they'd oose insecurity and obligation. A stench worse than that of the smoke Coming from the exhaust which was also leaking.And was so black from the gases passing through night and day it didnt even cast a shadow out of the light that was piercing through the ozone from the burning laughter of the GodsA kind of laughter that you can't stop because you want your friends to believe  you're laughing and you want togive a warm salute to that Joke for its genius and stupidity. Whatever Joke God told it Couldn't be that funny.The muffler resistedYou saw the smoke but i Saw the mufflerThe Only One who Seen it.SHe held her hand. Nnot crying not thinking But, just Looking.The kind of look a Zen Buddhist student would give his Finger when his teacher chopped it off Because he asked to learn the Fundamentals of Zen Buddhism and was Enlightened.*Silence*thats all i heard and it was LOUD. Then a silent scream.It wasn't the Girl it was me. Like a Snake shedding his skin I ripped a tearBecause I missed it.


Now I'll have to wait 40 more minutes in this Bootleg Comedian Heat.

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