Butterfly Of death


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What is worse ? Being dead or being alive  Death isnt Dying Life isn't living Yet people would die to live But you can't live if you're not alive Like Being Dead in Fear That's living yet your not happy But who said not being happy isn't livingIt is just worse then living Frightened of Regret Scrambling for Remorse Thirsty for Revival to Repeat the process of pain thinking you can change it but again and again you fail So I think Life is death but Living in pain Alive in FearCreating Regret Pleading for Remorse Ungratefully abusing the chance of RevivalJust to Repeat it again To cycle the emotions of pain of being happy to die to live or living so you can die  I live for a chance to wipeout the what ifs And the can i 's But I do not fear death Death is the same as living  Life loves death and creates gifts to give to death to keep forever And I'm just falling down into deaths hands Scraping the walls to crate the drop longer But his hands are always there to catch me so what worse knowing someone is there to catch you Or not knowing what happens after the fall  

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