Thu, 04/24/2014 - 09:39 -- KCooper



I am like a butterfly who hasn't hatched yet, like a caterpillar still in a cacoon

My wings are bound by an outside force that I can't name 

I question will my strength remain the same 

I'm stuck just like a bubble gum to someone's socks 

I can be free sometimes through my poetry the real thoughts of the inner me.

The me who is wrapped inside of a cacoon, the me who will not give up a dream

the me who labels myself as a queen.

Than there is the dark me who doesn't want the me to succeed 

Maybe the only way to break free of that cacoon is to defeat the dark me 

she must die so that this butterfly can come alive.

We all have a dark side that wants to hold us but that side must die 

to release all of our hidden butterflies.


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