Bus Route

All I need is a bus route.

I need to get to a new 

place where my dreams can blossom. The 

place I'm in now has been good 

for a while, 18 years infact, it's 

just now I need a new field 

to set my roots down. I intend 

to fuel my bus with my ideas. 

That's the only sustainable source I can 

think of. I create ideas like the 

sun creates sunshine. But in the place 

I'm currently in my ideas are hindered, 

capped because there is a limit on 

creativity here. It lacks the water I

need. The sun just doesn't shine as

bright anymore. I can feel myself wilting.

That's why I need this bus route,

because once I know I'm on a

new path, all of those hindered ideas

will flow once again. The clearest path's

sometimes are the hardest, so I will

choose the route best for me, not

based on difficulty, but on fit. So,

I need a bus route to live

because being here is hurting my very

being, the fibers that make up my

cells are stunted. begging for air. No

matter where I go, my freedom to

create and have news ideas will save me. 

All I need is a bus route.


This poem is about: 
My community


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