Burning man

I stand at the navel of humanity
Watching the cinematography
through kaledeopic visions
Obscure past flowing
and engulfing the present
the future is unavoidable
and unfathomable
Our forefathers sow the seeds
of racism and superetism
now its blooming and flourishing
promoting separatism
Copulating our prejudiced
and clogged
perceptions that are
Besigied with cognisive dinnosance
Falling victims to egos of hate
And resentment
we let it copulate our concious
And concieve war and death
Raising karma and regrets
that haunts and flagellate our conscience
Three meleniums and the world
is still a strange place to mankind
So we get lost in the maze
of pages and papyruses
trying to unearth the buried virtues
of humanity
Decipher our fate from horoscopes
And hyrogliphs
the world smells with the odour of secrets
Our wandering minds scramble through
the fabric of time and space
A quest to decode the da vince code
and unravel the big bang theory
So we foolishly re-open
pyramids of orthodoxes
and superstitions
opening the pandora box
of mumified paradoxes
the land is soaked in chaos
mankind is burning
from the fires that should
keep her warm

We put the blame to God
"Al maestro cuchillada"
to the master goes the knife
so we transform into agnostics and gnositics
sparking serieses of controversies
Disagreeing on everything
Turning our temples into
Our hearts and shekinahs
Harbours resentments
And burning passions of regret
No place to habituate love
The burning man is melting
nothing ..
Taking comfort from
being adopted by the ignorance
that abducted our logic

Sai Diaries 2019

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Our world
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