I can feel the pain of the memories burning at my chest 

The tears I’ve cried a million times

I felt it burning

Burning passion

Burning shame

Burning love 

And hate

The shame I felt for liking you was indescribable

The pain I burdened for you

Is crushing me

The secrets we shared

Things we’ve never told anyone else

With a burning passion

Sweet words of love

Exchanged in whispers

The judgeless nights

Those nights we shared on the phone

Where we were each other’s escape

Was the love I felt from you real?

Is that burning in my chest love or hate?

I can’t tell the difference anymore

I’ve hated more than I have loved

I can’t help but wonder if

You felt the way I did

Can this mean that I’m delusional…

My life decisions

a figment of an over active imagination?

I have chosen an easier path without love and without happiness

A physical tie

To an imbalanced emotional state

I used you as an anchor

For a body that wanted to escape

From reality.



Artsy Secret

That's like really dark.

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