The Burdens of Parting Ways

When leaving the others many hardships do come,
Sadistic in their efforts to rip you apart.
You’re dying inside, so adamant they are,
These are the Burdens of Parting Ways.

At inception, it was a dream,
Nothing you could ask for more.
You both were obdurate,
Never letting each other go.

Your relationship was incontrovertible,
There was no love more abetting.
Your bond was your buttress,
Never letting you down.
So why did they leave you?
Could you have known it was coming?
Maybe observations weren’t observant enough,
And so presentiments never came.

What if you had known?
What would you have done to prepare?
“I should have seen something in their demeanor,
There must have been something weird.”

And so now they are gone,
And you are stuck here.
Maybe they’ll come back, just maybe,
And they’ll whisper kisses in your ear.

And as you sit all alone,
You begin to think and wonder.
Maybe you could have thwarted it
With just one big, lasting kiss.

Now that they are gone,
You see how requisite they were for you.
Why did your interconnection curtail?
Why did their love for you deplete?

Where are they now?
You supplicate for some hope.
Everything spinning around you is tortuous,
So many things are going on.

This new home is not a home,
Filled with blatant, annoying new things.
While you still are cared for and safe,
You are nonplussed with all this to take in.

Some here seem to be connoisseurs,
They’ve been here, lived through this, for so long.
Here everyone has infirmities,
As they have lost what they have known.

Down the hall there is a grisly,
Very frightening presence.
This one is disconsolate
As he voices his opinions.

Some here are just so choleric,
Although it’s hard to blame them at all.
All of the beings here are enigmatic,
Yet we all are able to understand the others.

It’s like a potpourri of sights,
No one is alike each other.
There must be only one criterion to enter this place;
You have to have been betrayed.

Within this constant brouhaha,
There is still a constant vibe.
We are all hoping for the same answer,
Then we will have a definitive home to sleep in tonight.

You could expatiate your saddening thoughts, everyone could,
For all of your stay.
But being optimistic and desiring
Has got to help you somehow.

And then your time comes,
After others’ has come before.
The bulwark is removed,
And once again you have hope.

That night you sleep in a new place,
One that’s cozy, warm, and full of relief.
You’ve been taken in by a special someone,
Who adores you and forever will.

And now, as you’ve started a new chapter,
Of your short, but thrilling life.
You see that maybe love isn’t a surfeit,
Maybe it’s what’s kept you going all this time.

Because while one love deserts you,
It might have been for the better, as now,
You are able to connect to another love
And continue on head held high.

So many Burdens there are,
When relationships split and you Part Ways,
But now there is a new chapter of life,
And the happiness surpasses the pain.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet


all i have to say is incredible piece


Thank you so much!

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