To a bully

Wed, 07/24/2013 - 19:09 -- Bburci


This to you, if you are a person who bullies I hope you hear

I hope you listen to what I've got to say

This is you , the victim , I want to tell you not to fear

That you shouldn't have to pay


Every day some random child finds a way

To make another feel hurt, embarrassed, or just plain bad

They make another human beings emotions go to disarray

I don't know why they do it, are they mad


I don't understand what the problem is, now really

Does it make you feel good to hurt another for no reason at all

It makes you quite inhuman, quite silly

When you punch that smaller , different , other boy in the hall


When you call girl a hurtful name

Do you really think it will do you any good

Do you think it will bring you your five minutes of hallway fame

Do you think your mindless cruelty is really  understood


If you do then you are wrong and just plain mean

If you think that people will like you because you pick on someone different

Do you really think that, if you do thats really obscene

Its wrong , to many it 's really quite incoherent


You think you are cool

But really you are nothing

But a mindless tool

You think you are something


But in the end you aren't

You are someone who will be forgotten

bullies eventually become irrelevant

You will be forgotten


Your short lived hallway fame won’t follow you forever

Really , that fame is nothing, its infamy

Infamy is really only good when? Never

So listen up and listen closely


Being a Bully

A name caller, a fight picked

A cyber meanie, or whatever else there might be


Remember this


It will come back to you

And when you least expect it

You become the fool


Karma , justice , call it whatever you want

It will come back around

So moral of the story is , don't be a bully at home, internet, streets or at school.

 Stop the madness ,stop the hate, stop the mindless cruelty I perhaps you will seeTo not be a bully i the better person to be





while I like this poem I think it might not be as pointed as it could be. Both the word choice and the ryme scheme are a little childish, and I understnad that you`re trying to show how innocent these victms are, clearly you wouldn`t want to use words like "jerk", but it might be better to use something like "sadist", it isn`t atagonistic, but it`s a little more mature and pointed than "meanie". I also think the wrap up might be a little simplistic, karama will get you is an important sentament, but when you say that and only that it falls a little limp. It comes off as kind of "be nice or else." It migth be worth it to finish that threat. Maybe add a quick annacdote about how unpleasant guilt is, or about leagal reprecussions. Honestly as it is it does show how pointless bullying is, but t doesn`t really showcase any kind of negative repricussions for the bully. If it was your sentament, you could end it with "stop or you`ll got to hell." just something.

In any case this is lovely, nice work. Have an awesome night.

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