The Bullied


Every day I walk through theses halls, knowing deep down that I mean nothing at all. I listen to all the bad things they say about me, I don’t know why they just can’t let me be. I go through this type of torture every single day. And I pray to God that it will just go away. But as the days go on and the pain gets worse, it feels as if I am being cursed. There are so many people in this world like me, that don’t fit in and are suppose to flee. I am so tired of being hurt, and the feeling I get sort of makes me feel like dirt. It feels like everyone just hates my guts. They all call me names because of all of my cuts. Freak and weirdo are only some of the names they said. Some have even wished I was dead. It hurts being unwanted, the pain of being cold and haunted. I was being bullied and no one stepped up to help, not even when I cried out and whelped. They would look at me with no type of remorse. And I cry out to God to please just take over this course. Keep your head up high everything will be fine. I told myself, my bullies just don’t want to see me shine. I have to get through this, I have to be strong because what these kids are doing is just plain off wrong. As the days go on I am confident as ever, I bet they never knew I could pull something off so clever. They could no longer hurt me because God has set me free. All the bad things that they said don’t even mess with my head. My message to the bullied victims is, no matter how hard it may be you are a human being and you’re just like me. So when one of those meanies try to put you down. Don’t you dare ever let them see you make a frown. Just smile in their face and know that God is giving you his saving grace.


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