Dodging bullets and menacing glares,

Trying to survive behind a facade.

Every day is a struggle,

Between being who you tuly are

And disappointing your family.

The constant shame and guilt

Is always there.

Constantly being weighed down,

Every moment of every day.

Because you cannot be who you really are in front of them.

Dishonor, judgment, and self-hate:

Can there ever be an end to this?

The only refuge is to hide

Behind my curtain of continual pretending

Because I am not brave enough to show the real me.


Guide that inspired this poem: 



What are you
Do you care
stand back
Is what you do
As others die
In front of you
You close your eyes
Shut your ears
But pretend to care
Pretend to be there
When the spot is empty
The being is gone
You move on
In another facade
You pretend to see
Pretend to understand
They stand before you
You wipe off their splatter
And move on...

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